You hold in your hands your organically grown, handcrafted, small batch, intentionally made product that you’ve spent months or years designing, producing, or cultivating. Or you own a business rooted in sustainability for people and the planet and believe wholeheartedly in our ability to make a positive impact around issues of deforestation, water & air pollution, and soil health.

Whatever your expertise, you’ve come to the point where it’s time to think about how you and your product or business will be presented to your customers. How will you represent yourself?

You could always have your printing and packaging needs served by one of the big print companies on paper made from tree fiber.

Or you could work with one of our brilliant designers to not only get exactly what you want, but also:

  • Set yourself and your brand apart from your competitors by creating a unique look and feel for your marketing materials

  • Support a American hemp economy

  • Help reverse the damage that cutting down ~7.5 billion trees per year for paper has wreaked on the earth

  • Decrease your footprint

Why package your sustainably grown, ethically produced product in paper made from farmed trees that were grown on land that isn’t able to support that kind of agriculture?

Why print your marketing material, such as business cards, posters, and flyers on paper produced in China when you could promote your brand and values with sustainably grown, American hemp?

We think so too! Which is why, in 2012 when the founder of Hemp Press, Matthew Glyer, started searching for a paper to print labels on for his beeswax candle company, it made sense to use paper made of sustainable hemp fiber rather than tree fiber.

Then he wondered…“What else could I print on hemp paper?”

And Hemp Press was born.

Whether you need packaging engineered, business cards, posters for an event, product brochures, or you have an idea for print media you need help bringing to fruition, we’ll make your brand look good and reflect your business’ values.